Math Mammoth placement advice

As you may know, I provide placement tests for Math Mammoth. These tests are end-of-year or exit tests for a given grade. They will work, whether you're planning to place the child in the grade-level series (Light Blue), or to use the topical books (Blue).

Many people don't know what to do if their child doesn't totally "flunk" the test but almost passes, or if their child does well in other areas, but misses the problems in some particular topic, such as fractions or multiplication. On that page, I provide advice for these situations.

Recently I also added suggestions as to what to do if the student does well in other areas, but can't do the word problems in the test.

I also provide personal guidance to anyone who sends in the test results. Over the years, I've done quite a bit of that type of "counseling". So your child's case, however "disastrous" it might be, is probably not unique.

Plenty of people write to me how their child "bombed" the test, or is many grade levels behind, and they need to know what to do. Nearly universally I can find a solution using my Blue Series books as supplements.

So, don't hesitate to contact me about the placement, if you need help.


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