Math vocabulary resource

Would you like to help children with their math vocabulary? SpellingCity has built a resource to address this: Math vocabulary spelling lists.

If you don't know SpellingCity, no matter what kind of spelling list you use, you can always practice the words in many ways: either just simple practice AND with several different games: MatchIt Sentences, Which Word (find which word correctly completes the sentence), sentence unscramble, hang mouse, word search, word unscramble, etc. Can't even list them all.

So it is definitely a very comprehensive math vocabulary resource!


Ms. Villa said…
I LOVE Vocabulary and SpellingCity! I'm so glad that they have added Math Vocabulary words to this amazing resource. I understand that now users have the ability to add their own words - even those that are not part of SpellingCity's database! This will be very helpful for all subjects, including Math.
Anonymous said…
We use SpellingCity but I didn't know about the math resources. Thanks. We've mostly used it for vocabulary with literature, grammar, and in conjunction with our VocabularyWorkshop.

The math looks great. I teach 4 th and it has most (around 80 percent) of what we need.
Amy zimmer said…
WARNING--Spell City is cool, but not for high school math! The definitions are shameful and half-truths at best. Listing an ellipse as "a shape resembling an oval" is not worthy of math vocabulary! I wrote to them and asked them to take down their pre-calculus vocab until a math teacher or researcher at least put in some definitive representations for the concepts.

Amy Zimmer
Windsor High School
Maria Miller said…
I got a note from SpellingCity's founder that the error in the definition of an ellipse has been corrected.

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