Tux Math - review

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Your timing is funny, just this morning my husband downloaded Tux math for our 8 year old, because I was mentioning how our son doesn't mind making mistakes on video games, but hates having errors pointed out on a worksheet.
Mrs. C said…
Thank you so much for sharing!

Mrs. C said…
Come on over and join the math linky party!

sewa mobil said…
Nice article, thanks for the information.
Jim said…
Thank you so much for sharing. I find that math intervention games are a great way to engage with kids.
Mike K said…
I have put together a daily blog intended to be used as an additional study tool for you and your child. History, math, science, vocabulary, and geography are given every day many with a link to the document to study. I also have researched sources that I hope may be helpful to you as an aide for your child. The site is actually very child friendly in terms of use.
I ask you to visit it and see what it has to offer. The first post “The Furniture of the Human Mind” will explain the site and hopefully you will look around.
Thank You

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