How Khan Academy is changing education

My hubby found this article about Khan Academy, and I think you'll find it interesting. It features this certain teacher's 5th grade classroom that is "flipped" or "inverted" -- kids listen to the teaching videos from Khan Academy at home, and do "homework" (math problems) at school.

How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of Education


I think the Khan Academy has been over-hyped. I'm not impressed with the quality of the videos I've seen, and like a lot of other panaceas and miracle cures hyped in the US by conservatives and neo-liberals, the reason this is attractive to them is that it's cheap and easy, neither of which tends to be an indication that something will be effective, particularly when it comes to education.
Maria Miller said…
I agree there exist many sites with better-made math videos (I have a <a href='">list here</a>) and lots of sites with interactive practice. But still, the article is very interesting! Folks could use these other sites in a similar way as how Khan Academy is used.
sscguides said…
In India, the state of primary education is very pathetic, on one hand, educational sector is being touted as the next big thing on the other hand. It remains to be the most neglected sector when it comes to competitiveness, quality education must be provided to students at an affordable prices. So that there can be all round development in the personality of a student, ultimately, this is going to benefit society and the nation.
Bazics Math FAQ said…
I have watched less than 10 videos of Khan Academy but I have never applied them to teaching the students. What I did was create a lot of worksheets and lessons.

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