Math Mammoth sales in August 2011

  1. Homeschool Buyers Co-op group buy is live at

    You can get Math Mammoth bundles for up to 50% off! (The discount level depends on the number of purchasers.) This is the best deal on the planet!

  2. Currclick will have an August sale on lots of stuff starting TOMORROW AUGUST 3, including Math Mammoth books (but not bundles... they don't have a way to automatically include bundles in their sales). Math Mammoth 25% OFF! The sale runs till August 24.

  3. Concurrently I'll run the same sale at Kagi--25% off of all my books, including the CDs and bundles. Use coupon code AUGUSTSALE at Kagi checkout. Starts NOW (August 2) and runs till August 24.

    Go to first, then find the links to Kagi's order pages. Or use these direct links:


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