Math Mammoth Grade 2 aligned to the Common Core Standards

Math Mammoth Grade 2 Complete Curriculum is now aligned to the Common Core Standards.

Here is a document listing the lessons and the corresponding standards.

 I will record here the main changes in its content as compared to the earlier edition / version (through April 2012).

You can tell the new edition and the earlier ones apart by their cover image: the edition aligned to the Common Core Standards has these new cover images.

The topics of rounding and finding 1/4 of a number were taken off as they are not in Common Core Standards for grade 2.

The topics of regrouping in addition and regrouping in subtraction are now split so that 2-A contains regrouping in addition, and 2-B contains regrouping in subtraction.

There is now more explicit (more scaffolded) instruction about adding four single-digit numbers, and then adding four two-digit numbers in columns (in 2-A).

Regrouping in subtraction with three-digit numbers is also scaffolded more (the progression of the concept presentation is by smaller steps) (in 2-B). Regrouping with zero tens is still left for third grade (as in 506 − 358).

There are more word problems in general. As before the change, the curriculum still has lots of instruction about mental math in addition and subtraction.

Geometry chapter concentrates on naming basic shapes such as triangles, quadrilaterals, pentagons, and hexagons, putting shapes together to form new ones, dividing shapes into new ones, and geometric patterns. The topics of right angle and parallel lines were taken off as they are not in Common Core Standards for grade 2.

In measuring, the topic of volume is moved to third grade in accordance to Common Core Standards. The topics in 2nd grade include inches, half-inches, centimeters, feet, miles, meters, kilometers, and weight in pounds and in kilograms.  Compared to the earlier edition, I have added line plots, exercises about measuring objects both in inches and in centimeters, estimating lengths, and finding how much longer one thing is than another.

The topics of clock, place value with 3-digit numbers, graphs, and introduction to multiplication didn't have any significant conceptual changes (some cosmetic ones).


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