Math word (story) problems

Have you ever used this neat way of teaching math word problems to elementary grade students? Let them be like stories, and let the child create some too!

Denise explores this idea in her recent post: Tell Me a (Math) Story

Worth checking out!


Neat way of solving math problems is to solve them in a rough copy then fair them in your notebook.
Stephen said…
Years ago, i was in the grocery store with my then 3rd grade son. We needed yogurt, and it was sold either in singles, or six packs. So, i walked him through unit pricing. That included doing the divide by six without paper. He understood that the answer determined what we'd buy, so he got into it. The hard part was, after the divide, remembering that the goal was comparison to the single price. It attracted the attention of other shoppers. You could call it a word problem, but it was very physical.

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