Math Mammoth group buy at Homeschool Buyers Co-op - 50% off

An update!

This group buy has been EXTENDED till September 10, 2012!

The traditional group buy for Math Mammoth and Make It Real Learning bundle products at Homeschool Buyers Co-op is now live - for the whole month of August till September 10, 2012.

The discount is  50% - and we already have more than 300 participants!


Jen said…
Hi, I purchased the all inclusive download through the co-op and I'm wondering will I be able to get updated materials as they are released such as the completed alignment to the common core, and the 7th grade curriculum?
Maria Miller said…
As of now, you will get what has been finished, which is grades 1-3. You will be able to get updates for free for grades 4-6.

But I haven't yet written the 7th grade complete curriculum, and you won't get that as a free update. However you can purchase it later at a 33% discount.

Are you also selling these through Amazon?
Maria Miller said…
Currently they are not available on Amazon. Maybe in the future!

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