Math Mammoth Grade 4 aligned to the Common Core Standards

cover for Math Mammoth Grade 4-A Complete Worktext So, Math Mammoth Grade 4 is now aligned to the Common Core Standards. I will mention here some of the main changes as compared to the previous edition.

The main changes in the revised edition of Grade 4 are that some topics were taken off and moved to 5th grade, and several topics were added in. Again, this is all due to the CCS. Other than that, the basic framework and conceptual development did not change substantially. Of course, I edited the lessons to make them better, added more space or grids for calculations, etc. so there were many cosmetic changes.

Topics moving to 5th grade: cover for Math Mammoth Grade 4-B Complete Worktext

  • Numbers beyond 1,000,000
  • multiplying a 3-digit number by a 2-digit number
  • 2-digit divisor in long division
  • multiplying decimals by whole numbers
  • circles
  • volume
  • In measuring, the problems about conversions between units are easier, and the more challenging conversions will be in 5th grade.

Topics added that weren't in 4th grade before:
  • divisibility
  • prime numbers
  • finding factors of a given number
  • multiplying fractions by whole numbers 
  • adding a fraction with tenths and another with hundredths (such as 3/10 + 8/100)
  • Line symmetry

If you have purchased the download version earlier, and would like the updated version:

1) If you purchased at Currclick, log in to your account there, and redownload it from your past orders.

2) If you purchased at Kagi, email me. Include the information that allows me to locate your order (name or email).


Aimee Bahnsen said…
I bought the fourth grade math mammoth last year for my oldest, now I have another son using it. Is there a way I can update it?
Hi Maria, I like your guidelines.
Its Really helpful and I like Free Help forum as well like see this for any "Math Problem"
Unknown said…
Two (?) years ago I bought the Math Mammoth CD-ROM so that I have all the grade levels. I keep reading about updates and changes and I am frustrated. I spent all this money and I have an out-of date product already??? Is there anyway I can get the updates or am I just "stuck." I love MM and my kids are thriving with it but I am starting the fourth grade curriculum next week with my son and now I see there are (potentially positive) changes!
Please get in touch with me ASAP!
~Andrea Gardner
Julie said…
I also purchased this for this school year to use with my son and was wondering if I could update it. Although I have been using your curriculum for a couple of years, this is the first time I have bought the complete grade specific set.
Maria Miller said…
All of you who want updates, please contact me via email, not here.
Ginger said…
When I found out MM was being updated, I was worried that by using the old version we would be missing something. However, the more I read about the changes to each level, (and I do appreciate the amount of work this must be, thank you!) it really looks like all the Core Standards have done is move concepts up a grade! Is there anything that moved down a grade? Meaning, introduced earlier than you had previously introduced it? I love the MM program because it is relatively easy, and still comprehensive. I was worried that we might be missing out on something, but after reading how many things moved up a grade, I'm starting to think the old version might just be the "advanced" version, not the "old" version! ~Ginger
Maria Miller said…
Some topics have been moved down a grade. For example, the detailed presentation of perimeter and area, including the distributive property, went to 3rd grade. Then, equivalent fractions and multiplying fractions by whole numbers went from 5th to 4th.

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