The American Math Challenge 2012

Registrations are now open for this yearly, free event, at

Practice for all students starts MONDAY October 8th.
The actual COMPETITION EVENT is on October 16-17th, 2012.

In American Math Challenge, students compete using mental math problems such as 2 x 8 or 50 - 14. It is based on Mathletics, an online Math program. Students will be tackling adaptive curriculum-based math questions and competing against other real student peers in timed mental math showdowns---for prizes.


At the risk of expressing heresy, I have to wonder why there's so much emphasis placed in certain circles on academics as a competition. Is there limited space in the world for academic achievement such that we need to pit students against one another in order to know who is "truly worthy"?

Frankly, I find this notion anti-intellectual and anti-child.

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