Probability worksheets

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Looking for free probability worksheets?

On my site, you can find some probability worksheets and lessons in my book Math Mammoth Statistics and Probability - for about grades 5-7. Math Mammoth Grade 7 worksheet collection also has just a few.

Beyond that, there are several fine websites that offer collections of FREE probability worksheets, mainly for middle school level, when students first study probability:

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Math Worksheets 4 Kids - probability worksheets
This site offers a nice variety of probability worksheets, using dice, coins, cards, marbles, spinners, and so on. Most are about simple probability, but one section has worksheets for compound probability (independent/dependent events section). statistics and probability
This site has some variety: topics not only include simple probability but also dependent events, word problems, and experimental probability.

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Compound events worksheet generator
Here you can generate a worksheet with word problems about compound probability. probability worksheets
Lots of them and colorful, too. Most don't have many questions and it seems they all are about simple probability.

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