Star polygon worksheets

I recently put a few exercises about star polygons into the new Math Mammoth grade 5 geometry section that I'm revising, and thought I'd share some printables here as well.

What are star polygons? They are polygons that look somewhat like a star. You can form them  by joining the vertices of a regular polygon in a certain manner. For example:

Star polygon 7-3.svgStar polygon 8-3.svgStar polygon 9-4.svgStar polygon 10-3.svg

I put the star polygon worksheets on this page.  They are PDF files, enabled for annotation, so you can actually fill them in (draw in them) using Adobe Reader on the computer.

You will find a worksheet from pentagram (5 points) all the way up to dodecagram (12 points). Here's one example (nonagram worksheet):

Then there are also printable worksheets with empty polygons where students can experiment and create their own star polygons.

There are more at this link.

Lastly, I also made some blank worksheets with various regular polygons. These are for any of you, teachers or otherwise, who would like to maybe have students experiment with something related to regular polygons... I don't know what... maybe draw diagonals in them or something. Or measure and calculate their area.

There are more at this link.


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