A FREE science class

You've probably heard me talk about the Supercharged Science curriculum before - it is a great science curriculum, and I use it with my own kids.

Today I have something to tell you I think you will appreciate! Aurora, the owner, is doing a free online science class TOMORROW, Wednesday.

You can reserve a free spot by clicking here:

rocket She's done these classes several times before (as you may know :) ), and my kids have really enjoyed them. She's warm and engaging - and knows her science.

Kids not only learn solid academics, but get to do hands-on activities during the class. (How? You prepare the materials before the class, and during it, she gives you 5-10 minutes to do a certain activity, then discusses it.) 

This week's topic is Rocketry and Spaceflight. This is really appropriate because Aurora actually used to work for NASA, and is a real rocket scientist!

If you've never experienced Aurora in action, you need to sign up for this class and try it out!

It is also great for parents who don't like teaching science -- because she does it for you, and kids stay engaged!

Reserve your free spot now by clicking here:

Remember, it's tomorrow. Enjoy!


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