Great math moment(s) contest

I've run many, many simple contests or giveaways for my Math Mammoth products in the past, and here's another one.

But this one is different -- it is not based on luck.

The prizes are

1. Everything bundle
2. All Inclusive
3. Light Blue series bundle

Each winner can also optionally receive a 24K Gold CD. (Here's a nice collection of videos by 24K Gold for you to check out.)

And... there may be more prizes than this!! : ) I can't really decide on the number of prizes when I haven't seen how many people entered and what kind of entries I get!

The grand theme is:


I want you to WRITE some kind of a success story about math learning in your home/classroom/tutoring etc. -- something that will ENCOURAGE other parents!

It can be one moment or many! It could be for example
  • a description of a particular math activity
  • a description of your student's study of math over a longer period of time
  • a story of how your student DID something that showed you he/she had really learned math -- for example, started being able to calculate things while shopping
  • a story of how your child SAID something that showed you he/she had started to LIKE math or had changed his/her attitude about math

However... do NOT describe in detail a math activity that is copyrighted (from some math book/product OTHER THAN from Math Mammoth). I want to be able to publish your entry, if I so wish, on my blog/Facebook/newsletter.

You CAN describe
  • an activity that is freely available on the net
  • an activity you made up on your own
  • an activity from Math Mammoth materials - I give you permission for that. :)
Be creative. The essential elements are that it should be encouraging to read and it should relate to math teaching/learning or changing one's attitude about math. (I think we're all interested in hearing stories about kids who have hated math or had math anxiety but changed.)

Also... I want you to attach some photos to your story.

In summary:
  1. Your entry has to include a writeup as explained above.
  2. Your entry has to include 1-3 photos to illustrate your entry.

Send your writeups and photos (or any questions) to

The contest runs till January 31!


P.S. Math Mammoth sale is around the corner - starting on the 15th of January!


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