Contest - looking for math puzzles

I have another contest for you! This one has to do with MATH PUZZLES.

I want you to send in your favorite math puzzle (suitable for grades K-12)! If you found it on a website or in a book, please mention the source.

Or, if you have a math puzzle you have made yourself, send that to me - that is another way to take part. (Include the solution, too, please!)

Simply email me and include the puzzle (and source).  I want to collect puzzles and then create a webpage of the BEST MATH PUZZLES for all of us to enjoy. I'm not looking for super difficult puzzles, though - just ones for grades K - 12. You don't need to send me Goldbach's conjecture or the Riemann hypothesis

To get you started, here's one from CoolMath4Kids: Connect the Dots

I've known of that puzzle for a long time and I'm glad I stumbled upon it this morning. It illustrates beautifully the idea of "thinking outside the box"!

Here's one more... it was new to me. Again, you need to think a bit outside the box: Toothpick squares

(And I don't mean I'm only looking for geometric puzzles - these two just happen to be good illustrations.)

Oh, I just have to include this one too!

A clerk in the butcher shop is 5'10" tall. What does he weigh?
(from Genius Test). The answer is #11 on this page.

The prizes

Every participant will be entered into a random drawing where you can win Math Mammoth Blue Series books!

  • 3 people (or more) will receive $25 worth of Blue Series books of their choosing

  • 3 people (or more) will receive $15 worth of Blue Series books of their choosing

It says "or more" because I may choose more than six winners. It depends on how many take part.

The contest runs till February 28! Have fun!
(To get started, you can simply google "math puzzles".)



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