Giveaway - Supercharged Science

Supercharged Science giveaway!

Today I have something extra-special for you!

I've arranged a giveaway with Supercharged Science. They are giving away 15 different prizes from their top-of-the line science programs!

Here's what Supercharged Science is giving away:
  • 8 enrollments in their award-winning e-Science curriculum (see description) for 3 months each, including ALL lessons for grades K-12. (worth $171 each)

  • 7 DVD's from their new Ultimate Science Curriculum (see description). Each DVD is a complete study of one topic ranging from physics to biology to earth science. Winners get to pick which topic they want. (Worth $75 each)
...a total of 15 prizes!

CLICK the link below to enter the giveaway and also to view one of their videos:

The giveaway runs till midnight PST Thursday, March 20. The 15 winners will be chosen and notified by the Supercharged Science team. 

On that page, you can also see an example video lesson from the curriculum: How to extract DNA in your Kitchen. You can do the activity today with stuff you already have at home.

What is Supercharged Science?

Supercharged Science is essentially a science curriculum based on video lessons. In each video, Aurora Lipper, the author, does a specific science experiment, explains the science principles in it, and then shows how YOU can do it, too. They also offer worksheets and guides to go along with the videos.

The curriculum is available as an online subscription or on DVDs.

How to take part?

Visit the page
to register for this rather unique giveaway!


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