Math Mammoth Photo Contest

Take a photo of your child or student(s) doing Math Mammoth materials, and you'll have a chance to win Math Mammoth books!

Here are my girls studying from Math Mammoth books:

Send your photo and description to my email address by June 30, July 10, 2014.

If you don't yet know my email address, first write me through the contact form, and I'll respond to you and then you'll get my email address.

If you don't yet own any of my books, you can head here:

Math Mammoth freebies ->

... or use some of the free samples from the website (the samples are always listed under each product's cover image, on the left hand side).


  1. Math Mammoth All Inclusive bundle (CD or download)
  2. Math Mammoth Light Blue Series bundle (CD or download)
  3. Math Mammoth Blue Series Bundle (CD or download)
   4.- 10. Math Mammoth products worth $15 (downloads)


  1. Your photo should show someone working with Math Mammoth materials.
  2. You give me permission to publish your photo online (Math Mammoth website, my blog, Facebook page, email newsletters).

    The copyright of the photo remains yours.

    If I end up publishing your photo, you will have total control over what other information, if any, gets published with the photo (such as name, location, date, description etc.)
  3. The contest runs till June 30, July 10, 2014.

I don't at this point have any particular criteria for the photos (except the photo should show someone using Math Mammoth materials)... all I can tell you is, be creative! Photography is an art, as you know. smile

Maria Miller


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