Worksheets for inequalities

More new worksheet generators... This one is for linear inequalities in one variable.

The worksheets are customizable in many different ways. You can ask the student to plot simple inequalities, such as x < -6 or write an inequality from a graph. One problem type asks you to solve the given simple inequality in the given set, such as solve x + 1 > -2 in the set {-9, 3,5,8, -2, 10}.

Then you can choose from six different types of linear inequalities to solve (such as one-step inequalities, two-step inequalities, or inequalities with variable on both sides).

You can also restrict the inequalities to the ones where you don't need to multiply/divide by a negative number (which would reverse the sign of the inequality).

These worksheets are meant for pre-algebra and algebra 1 (or grades 7-9).


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