Lesson on Fibonacci numbers

Have you ever heard about the Fibonacci numbers and the Golden ratio?

A tiling that uses squares whose side lengths are successive Fibonacci numbers. Ask students to continue it! Image from Wikipedia.

Here's a lesson I just wrote about them:

Fibonacci numbers and the golden section – lesson for middle and high school students

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You might ask, "Should our children or students even learn about Fibonacci numbers or the golden ratio?"

True, they aren't any standard fare in math books. However, I feel that yes, students should know about them. I think it's important that our young people learn a few math topics that show how MATH appears in NATURE. You could even call it "MATH APPRECIATION".

Children study "art appreciation" so they can appreciate human works of art. Shouldn't we also appreciate the "artworks" in nature, such as flower petals and seed heads? And, once you understand a little bit about the math behind them, you will appreciate them even more. :)


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