Math Mammoth South African version, grades 4 and 5

cover for Math Mammoth Grade 5-A Complete Worktext, South African version 
Math Mammoth South African version is now available for grades 4 and 5!

Math Mammoth South African version, Grade 4

Math Mammoth South African version, Grade 5

You can read detailed descriptions and download free samples at the above links.

The South African version has been customized to South Africa in the following manners:
  • The names used are South African names (instead of Jack and Jill, there are Ansie and Mampho).

  • The currency used in word problems is rand. The money chapter teaches both rand and cents, of course.

  • The material is "all metric". In other words, the US customary measuring units are not used.
  • Spelling is British English instead of American English.

  • Paper size is A4.

  • Geographic locations used emphasize South African locations (such as Pretoria, Johannesburg).


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