New pre-algebra topic books for Math Mammoth Blue Series

Three new books in the Blue Series! These books deal with some pre-algebra level topics.

Check out their free samples!

Math Mammoth Expressions & Equations workbook cover
Math Mammoth Expressions & Equations

This is a worktext covering the order of operations, equations, expressions, and simplifying expressions in several different ways in 6th-7th grade level.

The main principles are explained and practiced both with visual models and in abstract form, and the lessons contain varying practice problems that approach the concepts from various angles. We also touch on inequalities and graphing on a very introductory level. In order to make the learning of these concepts easier, the expressions and equations in this book do not involve negative numbers (as they typically do when studied in pre-algebra and algebra).

Sample pages (PDF)
Writing and simplifying expressions 2: area
The distributive property
More equations

Math Mammoth Rational Numbers workbook cover
Math Mammoth Rational Numbers

In Math Mammoth Rational Numbers we study rational numbers, which are numbers that can be written as a ratio of two integers. All fractions and whole numbers are rational numbers, and so are percentages and decimals (except non-ending non-repeating decimals). Hopefully, students already know a lot about rational numbers and how to calculate with them. Our focus in this book is to extend that knowledge to negative fractions and negative decimals.

Sample pages (PDF)
Rational Numbers
Multiply & Divide Rational Numbers 1
Multiply & Divide Rational Numbers 2
Equations with Fractions

Math Mammoth Linear Equations workbook cover
Math Mammoth Linear Equations

Math Mammoth Linear Equations presents the student with the basics of solving linear equations, including equations that involve a variable on both sides and equations that require the usage of the distributive property to eliminate parentheses. We also briefly study inequalities and graphing. This book best suits pre-algebra or grades 7-8.

Sample pages (PDF)
Word Problems 1
Two-Step Equations
Growing Patterns
Variable on both sides
Speed Time, and Distance


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