Math Stars - for summer math and more

I have used Math Stars problem solving sets with my girls for several years, and they have always greatly enjoyed them.

Math Stars include various puzzles and challenging math problems. They  come as PDF files (free and ready to download & use) in sets for grades 1-8. They're great to use for summer math  or for some fun problem solving at any time.

I tend to use the problems from one grade level below the grade the student is in.

One reason I like these so much is the variety of the problems - geometrical puzzles, number puzzles, logical thinking, etc. --  all of it is included!

Another reason is that the sets go all the way from grade 1 upward. There exist actually lots of problem solving resources but not so many for the early grades.

Each set per grade has 10 two-page "newsletters", and each "newsletter" has 8-10 problems. The number of stars in each problem marks the level of difficulty. Answers are included.

Math Stars Problem Solving Newsletters

I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!


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