Math Mammoth lesson plans for the Homeschool Planet

BIG NEWS! Have you heard of Homeschool Planet? It is a calendar product for homeschoolers, developed by the Homeschool Buyers Co-op.

Well, here's the news: we are developing "LESSON PLANS" for Math Mammoth for the Homeschool Planet. :)

Grades 1-4 are already available as of today.

These plans assign the lessons and tests from Math Mammoth Light Blue series curriculum over a period of so many days, usually around 180-190 days. In the calendar, you can then apply these "days" to the calendar however you want -- even "scoot" them forward if a particular day's assignment doesn't get done.

The plan also allows you one-click access to dozens of my instructional videos, assigned to the matching lessons in the curriculum, as well as many additional Internet resources and games -- one for nearly every day of the plan. You can use these resources for additional practice, for review, for illustrations to clarify a concept, or just for fun.

Please read more here:

Math Mammoth Lesson Plans for Homeschool Planet

I hope they will be of help!


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