Play With Your Math puzzles

An intriguing website.... problems, but not solutions (not that I can see... but maybe, if you subscribe to get email updates, you'd get the solutions?)

Their idea is,
We take problems that we love, and we adapt them so that everyone (and anyone) can play. We design posters and handouts that hook you visually and explain the problem in just enough words. The problems that we’ve picked require trying, struggling, failing, adjusting, and trying again until, finally, a discovery is made.

I definitely agree... that's what TRUE problem solving is all about! Doing it with math can prepare students for REAL LIFE, where often, the problems they will be facing at the workplace will NOT have a pre-written solution.

And so, that's when it's necessary to try something, struggle, fail, ADJUST your method, and try again... that's what scientists do, day in day out, and people in about any profession who are really successful in their jobs.

The process of solving those problems on that site reminds me of trying to solve a tricky cross-word puzzle. I figure you probably know people who LOVE the challenge cross-word puzzles give them... when they to try to solve the ENTIRE thing. (I've enjoyed that myself in my younger years.) Well, the same can be true of math problems! Not the kind you see in math books, but the kind you see on site.


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