BIG news: online math practice at

This is a big announcement!

I have the pleasure to announce a NEW section on Math Mammoth website that focuses on ONLINE PRACTICE for various math concepts!

I am sure that many of you will get lots of use out of this new section.

The scripts there have been made by my son; let's just call him Codelover 😃.

He's still pretty young, but he loves coding and web development, and has been learning a lot about those topics right and left for a while now (mostly using courses from Udemy).

I do have a favor to ask though. He made this section in such a manner that it SHOULD work offline (it's something called "progressive web app"; I don't personally understand these concepts nearly as well as he does so I won't even try to explain it). It seems that sometimes it's necessary to RELOAD the page a few times to make it work offline.

He would appreciate it if you can test whether it indeed works offline also, or not, and then leave feedback on the site. Please list your browser (including the version) and your device.

Currently we have online practice available for

- multiplication tables
- basic division facts
- division with remainders (mental math)
- find factors for a given number.

More coming, as he is able. ☺️


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