Math Mammoth for school teachers

This is a special offer I'm extending to school teachers, all around the world!

This is your chance to get Math Mammoth downloadable books for free, in exchange for making a PRESENTATION.

Here's how this thing works:
  1. Contact me and I will send you Math Mammoth materials on a certain topic, such as basic addition or division facts or fraction addition, etc. Nearly any topic in grades 1-7.

  2. Document (photos and/or videos) your class using the materials, and write up a "report" or a presentation, showcasing what you did, how the students liked it, and so on. It could be of a single teaching session, or it could cover a longer period of time. You could include student responses & comments, an example lesson plan, etc. Be creative...

  3. Send me your presentation.  I'll look it over. Depending on the quality and extent of your presentation, you'll then get MORE materials -- several books, or the whole Light Blue Series download, or the All Inclusive download.

  4. I'll post your presentation on my blog for others to see! This will help and inspire others, when we share ideas of how to use Math Mammoth!

Maria Miller


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