February 16, 2008

Learn to recognize numbers game for preschoolers

I just wanted to share a little "game" that helped my 3-year old preschooler to recognize her numbers here a few weeks back.
Magnetic numbers
This game is SO simple that it's almost laughable; yet it went over VERY well with our tyke! I am still amazed. There is no strategy involved, it's so simple I almost hesitate to call it a game. But I did call it a "number game" to my 3-year old and she loved it.

I used foam numbers and plastic numbers, and just made a heap of them between us. I would pick one, hold it up high and call out loud its name, such as "Number five!" and put it to my personal pile.

She would then find the same number (I made sure there were at least two of each) and did the same, called out loud its name and gathered the number to herself.
Magnetic numbers

Then it was her turn to pick any number from the pile, call out its name, and put it to her pile, and I had to find the same number.

After all the numbers in the middle pile were gone, her task was to arrange her numbers in order. That's it.

Actually we don't have to play that anymore because she learned to recognize them so quick. She's also learning to count, but just like all kids do, her fingers are sometimes faster than her mouth saying numbers, or vice versa, and so she doesn't always get it right. She enjoys watching big sister do computer games, such as at Time4Learning or UpToTen.com. Now they two can also play UNO together (since she recognizes the numbers!).
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