Learn to recognize numbers game for preschoolers

I just wanted to share a little "game" that helped my 3-year old preschooler to recognize her numbers. It's SO simple!

Learn to recognize numbers - simple game

Basically you just pick numbers, calling out their names, and taking turns.


Annette said…
oh...i like that. so simple, makes sense though. :) Thanks for the idea, will link it from my homeschool site. :)
Anonymous said…
Hi! Love yr blog... and yr obvious passion for teaching. I've a toddler and I started doing the alphabet game with him and he's started recognizing a few of them. That really feels good as he has not yet started communicating well. He loves to count too...He begins with a slow 'onnnnne'...It's like he already knows he's onto something big...Thanks!
Romina Vazquez Y Fernanda Vargas said…
Miss Maria Miller:
we will comment on his blog, we find that is a website that integrates several elements for mathematical use because it contains info from beginners to advanced, and has constant updates. In his blog we were able to learn different methods of teaching, one of the following methods in particular is "Learn to Recognize numbers game for preschofers.
We greatly appreciate your article because your content is useful and helpful because it is a fun and practical way to teach preschool children to a realization of the numbers and also know your way to sort them in growing numbers, as generally are taught in a school.

Yours sincerely, student teachers in mathematics and computers, Universidad Catolica del Maule, Chile
Anonymous said…
thanks for file
Sudoku Puzzles said…
Many times simple tools and games are the best. When they're over-complicated then they're not as fun or useful. How long did it take her to learn to count?
Maria Miller said…
It's been too long ago, I don't remember anymore how long it too her. But she seemed to catch on real well.

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