Free math tutoring

David Freeling from wants to let us know that as a part of a promotion to launch his site, he's offering FREE tutoring on every Friday.

Here is some information from David:

Free tutoring will apply to specific classes, labeled as Free. Students should visit in advance and register, because space is limited. Free lessons cover fundamental math, reading and writing skills and are suitable for a wide range of ages, but especially middle and high school. Curriculum focuses on problem-solving, and kids are encouraged to play along from home and be prepared with a calculator, pen and paper. Students will also be able to bring in their own homework problems for small group tutoring, in classes of up to 5 students.

The site also says, "TutorTalk Classes are dynamic, interactive small-group classrooms, led by a qualified teacher, and hosting up to five students. Students work together and chat to solve onscreen problems from the comfort of their own homes, with the help and hints of the instructor."

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