Math Mammoth giveaway!

It is time for a giveaway of my Math Mammoth products!

There will be 17 prizes!
  1. The "grand prize":
    ONE (1) winner will get Math Mammoth All Inclusive bundle - either a download or a CD
  2. TWO (2) winners will get Math Mammoth Light Blue Series bundle - either a download or a CD
  3. FOUR (4) winners will get Math Mammoth Blue Series bundle - either a download or a CD
  4. TEN (10) winners will get one grade level of Math Mammoth Light Blue series - download - the grade level is chosen by each winner.
The winners will be chosen by a random number generator.

Something SPECIAL

This giveaway is COUPLED with something else... CDs by my favorite music group, 24K Gold Music.

Each of the 17 winners has the CHOICE of also receiving a music CD by 24K Gold Music.

How will you know if you would like their music?

Please WATCH videos clips of their music on this page.

How to take part?

Simply send an email to the address prize [at] mathmammoth [dot] com between now and midnight Pacific time, Thursday, October 16, 2014. I will choose the winners after that time using a random number generator, and email them.

You do not have to include anything in specific -- if you are chosen as a winner, I will contact you for any information I will need at that point.

People from outside the USA are also welcome to take part! We can ship CDs worldwide, or you can receive the Math Mammoth materials as a download.

Thanks for taking part!

P.S. Please share this!


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