Geometry course for middle school

I was going to write about Euclid but this came up. Someone submitted a review of a math program called RightStart mathematics to my site. While browsing that site, I found out they offer a separate geometry program which looked really good:

See, many students have great problems with high school geometry. I've written an article Why is high school geometry so difficult? about that already.

One of the remedies for that is to do things right BEFORE high school: teach true geometry and DRAW - don't spend all your time calculating areas and volumes from grades 3 till 8.

So now I have stumbled upon a geometry program for middle grades that seems to be just that: emphasis is on drawing. Check it out:
RightStart Geometry program.

I haven't seen all of it, but based on the example pages, it looked good. It's $57 for the whole package.

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