Scope and sequence

I hope everyone's teaching is going well; I guess this is a slower week for blogging for me. Maybe I'll share some of the questions asked on the site.

Someone recently asked me about MY suggested scope and sequence for teaching math, based on the way I have organized my online resources list.

Well I have never made any personal or suggested scope and sequence... Those pages are just categorized as elementary, middle school, and high school.

The thing is, you can find as many different scopes and sequences as there are textbooks. It varies from country to country, from state to state (in standards), from book to book.

People seem to have vary different ideas when it comes to when to teach which math topics.

But in my mind, you could try get your child to start algebra on 8th grade or thereabouts.

If you set that as a goal, then one should study pre-algebra topics such as integers, percent, ratio, proportion, square root, exponents on 7th grade.

One could try set a goal of going thru whole number arithmetic in the first four years, thereby leaving 5th and 6th grade for fractions, decimals, and percent.

Geometry and measuring are good topics to study on each grade. Typical state standards also include data analysis topics on all grades.

So maybe that can serve as an outline for those of you who are trying to organize your curriculum.

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