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There are many websites around that publish "Problem of the Week" and then the answer the following week.

I realize homeschoolers are pretty busy, BUT something like that might be a good idea to do, say, during one month of a year, to get some challenge into your math curriculum.

Obviously challenging math problems are perfect for gifted children / those especially interested in math. And, stretching one's brain with some interesting problems might spark further interest in math for all the rest of them too.

Unfortunatly I cannot recommend any particular, but this site has several lists of websites, arranged by elementary/middle/high school/ advanced : Problem of the Week website lists.

AND, I want to throw in my own "PROBLEM OF THE WEEK" for the homeschooling parents. It's pretty simple but it's connected with teaching math. Answer here next week.

When you multiply a number, say 7 for example, does it always get bigger? In other words, is it possible to multiply 7 by something so that the answer is not greater than 7?

If you think it is possible, can you find several ways to do that sort of thing?

And while you laugh, "Hee hee that's easy!", think also:
HOW would a third-grader answer that question? What about a 5th grader? 7th grader? High school student?

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