RightStart Geometry - hands-on middle-school geometry course

I've finally posted the review of RightStart Geometry course on the site.

I think you will want to check it out - this course is excellent, absolutely great!

It teaches geometry with a "hands-on" method, in other words, the course includes A LOT of drawing. And you're using a drawing board, a T-square, and triangle rulers to do your drawing on the worksheets.

It teaches geometry in a way I think geometry should be taught and learned.

You see, many school books sort of reduce geometry to
a) learning vocabulary (what is obtuse angle or parallel lines or vertical angles or diameter etc. etc.)
b) learning how to calculate perimeter, area, and volume...
...but there's not much reasoning.

RightStart Geometry has that reasoning part in it - plus much more, such as proofS of Pythagorean theorem, drawing all sorts of interesting designs and figures, midpoint theorems, tessellations, fractals...

I've tried to do something similar in a small scale in my own geometry ebook, but RightStart Geometry goes way way beyond. I can't find words to praise the course enough. Please read my review and go from there.

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