What's for review?

Recently I got a review copy of Equalsmath Jigsaw Puzzles CD. It has jigsaw puzzles that the student completes in the following areas: skip-counting, multiplication, division, factoring, fraction simplification, and adding money (mentally). Well it's all mental math.

Most puzzles are in form of math tables so it reinforces the student's understanding of the underlying structure.

I took it to a friend whose son was supposed to soon do some review (one more time) on fractions - but like he noted, the puzzle sure was a much nicer way to do review than to do problems with pencil and paper.

I think that's a very good idea when it comes to lots of practice or reviewing basic facts or multiplication tables etc.: FIND A GAME FOR IT!

You might already have some math software that you've bought. Or, maybe you know a table game to play. And there of course exist tons of math games online. As you might know, I've compiled a list of them, organized by topics. See for example:

Have fun!
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