What's happening at Homeschoolmath.net

Well, all kinds of things!

1) Firstly I have several new advertisers:
  • NutShellMath offers over 40,000 multimedia explanations (solved textbook problems) for grades 8-11. You hear the teacher's voice and see the handwriting on a whiteboard. Sometimes there's a question for YOU to answer in the lesson.
    Might work great if you often find yourself stuck on algebra 1 or 2 or geometry problems, or your student would benefit from direct explanations.
  • Math Goodies Lessons CD offers lessons on about all topics for grades 6-8 plus worksheets, puzzles, and integer football game.
  • TimesTales is an old advertiser, offering a fun mnemonic program to memorize upper multiplication tables. For grade 3 (or later if they didn't get it on third grade :^ )
2) I have had various folks contact me so I would do a review on their product. I just recently completed Equals Math Jigsaw Puzzles review (it is a great gift to give in case you have birthdays coming up).

Then I will be writing about Time4Learning.com. Their idea is: first it's time to learn, then it's time to go to playground. The learning time consists of a vast collection of interactive lessons - they're sort of videoclips with questions and quizzes. Playground is... games!

I've been taking my daughter there several times now, and she's sold on the concept! Even while I'm writing this blogpost (I'm at the computer, see), she has asked two three four times if she can go to Time4learning! She loves the playground. She said she liked the lesson time a little bit and the flower shop (one easy game) a lot!

But the funniest thing happened yesterday. We were done with the lesson, and were exploring a billiards game when DADDY saw us! And he just had to get into the game too!

Well the thing is, after a certain amount of minutes, playground time is over. But Daddy wanted to play! So he took our daughter back thru another lesson just to get to play billiards game. He tried to get there some shortcut way, but it failed. Just back to lesson time it was...
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