Crazy 4 Math contest

You might feel that your kid/students will never be able to take part in any math contest, but this one is different. It is for everybody, and you don't have to solve any math problems at all.

Crazy 4 Math contest simply asks you to...

"Describe how you use math in any activity you love to do - a sport, game, craft, hobby or anything else. Send in a description of the activity and how you use math. You can also include a drawing or diagram. Class entries are also accepted. All participants will receive an MP3 of Googol Power's new song "Crazy 4 Math" when you enter."

So this might be a nice way to motivate a student, plus underline the fact, like I've mentioned before, that math is part of our life - not some obscure 'no-one needs it' type of thing.

I encourage you to check some of the last year's entries at

Teachers: you can submit a class entry too.

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