Refreshing algebra books from Dr. Math®

I've just finished writing a review on Dr. Math® algebra books by The Math Forum. There are two: one for pre-algebra and one for algebra 1 students.

They are NOT algebra textbooks because they don't have any exercises. Rather, they're supplemental.

BUT they're very nice AND fairly inexpensive (around $9-10 new, and maybe $6-7 used). Also they weren't awfully long; both were under 200 pages with clear layout. I really think you should take a look at these if you or your student has trouble with algebra!

Dr. Math's books are written in a very easy-reading and friendly tone. They are compiled from question-answers that real students have asked the Dr. Math® service at The Math Forum over the years. It's like reading letters, in a sense, but they deal with math questions. And these letters or explanations are not reading like a textbook but more like a real teacher talking.

One thing I liked was that the books included some 'philosophical' questions, too, such as why 0.999999..... = 1 or what is infinity or why we need variables in algebra.

The main editor, Suzanne Alejandre, wrote to me in an email that she thinks they would be great books for pre-service (particularly elementary and middle school level) teachers to use to get a fuller understanding of algebra.

And, parents could really use them to get a fuller understanding of algebra but also to read with their children.

Anyway, you can read more in my complete review.

Or check out Dr. Math Gets You Ready For Algebra and Dr. Math Explains Algebra by The Math Forum, at Amazon bookstore.

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