Math timeline, Math Doodles, and Figure This!

I thought I'd share some math links I've recently come across. The internet has SO much to offer when it comes to mathematics that it is amazing.

  1. Maths Timeline is neat! It has pictures of major mathematicians on a timeline, and by clicking on the images you get to read an article about them. You have to kind of 'slow-click' on the arrow on the right. I first clicked and clicked in vain because I clicked too fast...

  2. Math Doodles offers seven fun games that also make kids think and learn. Requires Shockwave player. The name of the site is easy to remember but the games aren't any 'doodles' - they are very well-done.

  3. Figure This! Math Challenges for Families. This site has word problems related to real life. They don't always have all the information but you have to estimate and think. For each problem, there is a hint, other related problems, and interesting trivia. Website supported by National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Kind of different problems, but interesting.


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