I hate math but don't want to anymore...

I want to blog again on Julie's great Living Math website. You can really get help there if you're one of those who don't care for math, or even hate math, but want to get rid of that feeling.

She has suggestions on how to start teaching "living math" - teaching math in a way that makes connections to real life, takes away the dryness of it, takes away the 'kill' from "drill and kill" (note that drill in itself doesn't have to be always bad - drill is a tool amongst many), etc.

On this page, Julie has book suggestions to many different situations... Consider finding one or a few (from library or bookstore). Reading a math book that's not a school book can do SO much good! For your kids too!

As you probably know, I wish everyone would get to know some of the interesting, fascinating, fun, curious aspects of mathematics. Or, get to know a bit of math history. You don't get those in school books. Or, finally learn why things work.

These things CAN change your attitude towards math, and then you can relay it to your children.

Julie has already done the work of listing these books; I'm glad for that. Does any of the following apply to you? She says:

Are you a parent wanting to increase your understanding of *why* math is important?
Do you need understanding to increase your own enthusiasm, creativity and motivation?

Are you a parent wanting to understand why mathematics can seem difficult, wanting to gain reassurance that the "math gene" didn't skip your family?

Are you wanting to be convinced that mathematics can be a readable, living, subject?

Are you wanting to introduce mathematics to your children and adolescents in a vibrant, visual way, expanding the understanding of what mathematics is beyond arithmetic
~~ allowing them to *hear* the "music" they might play some day?

Are you a parent with a child that is "burned out" and needs a math reading break?

Now just go jot down a few of those books, run to library (or bookstore), and get started:
Living Math: Starting out suggestions

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