Summer contest with giveaways

I just learned today of a great online graphing site called You can create graphs for free and analyze them too. It's the first site that I remember seeing that offers such broad range of options for analyzing the graphs.

Some functions are only available thru subscription. They offered me a free subscription, but I don't have a use for it right now, so I decided I will give it away with a blog contest!

Not only that, but I will also give away some free math ebooks of mine. So there are lots of prizes:

1) An A+ Membership to, good thru August, 2007. This is most useful for high school or beyond.

2) 3 copies of the ebook Multiplication 1 (multiplication concept and times tables)

3) 3 copies of the ebook Fractions 1 (Fraction operations such as addition, subtraction, equivalent fractions, mixed numbers)

4) 3 copies of the ebook Geometry (includes most topics of plane geometry for elementary grades).

YOU CAN ENTER the contest

1) Via email to . Please put "Blog contest" as subject line.

2) (preferred) By linking from your blog or website. Don't forget to email me about it or leave a comment here so I will know! If you link, you will be entered thrice (three times)! Here's an example.

Homeschool Math Blog is giving away an A+ Membership to and lots of math ebooks.

You can improve and improvize upon the text but it should contain all three links.

With you email, you can mention if you prefer one of the prizes in particular, because I realize it depends on the ages of your kids or students as to which prize might be the most useful.

The only thing is, I can only give away one of the subscriptions to, so if you win and you prefer that and it's already gone, then one of my ebooks will have to do.

The contest ends when 150 people have entered, or Monday July 3rd, whichever is first.

If you have questions, please comment to this post so others will see the answer too.

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