Curriculum Focal Points

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) has released a new report entitled "The Curriculum Focal Points".

It summarizes THREE focal points of math education for each grade, and also explains the major connections between those and other areas of math.

I feel this document can be of enormous help to homeschoolers. If you've ever felt "lost" in the jungle of math standards, objectives, goals, and such, then this document is especially good for you.

The teacher needs to know what the major goals are. Then, he/she can plan how to teach those topics, what tools to use, and so on. Without the goals clearly in one's mind, math instruction can become just mindless wandering from topic to topic.

I'll probably write more about this report later, but for now, just head on over the NCTM site and read:

The Curriculum Focal Points - the main page
Curriculum Focal Points by Grade.
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