Cute circle terminology song

This was sent to me... I thought it was a very cute, melodic song about learning circle-related terminology such as radius, diameter, and circumference, and the two formulas with Pi (area formula and circumference formula):

Here's a direct link in case you want to spread it around:

This is done by Dave Mitchell who also has a website


Anonymous said…
Cool!! With both my wife and I being math teachers we decidied for something a little "different". We recently celebrated our 10 Pi anniversary. (31.4 years) We had several Pi/circle related games, decorations, and even 10 different kinds of pie!!. It would have been cute to have this song playing in the background. Oh well, perhaps at our 15 Pi party.
Mrs. J said…
I LOVE this, and so did my students. Some even sang it on the bus all the way to and from a recent field trip.

One problem, though: we can't view YouTube at school. Is this clip available another way?

Mrs. J.
Maria Miller said…
I don't know. Can you see the song on my blog, from the school?

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