Some links

First of all, the carnival of homeschooling #60 is online this week at Homeschool Hacks.

Secondly, recently I've learned of Squidoo lenses created by Rebecca Newburn on topics such as integers and fractions. She's collected some of the best resources about these topics, including games, articles, explanations, books and even free video clips.

Then I also wanted to include a link to some magic square addition worksheets that my daughter has greatly enjoyed recently (scroll down to item #5 on the page). We've been practicing adding single-digit numbers where the sum goes over 10, such as 7 + 7 and 9 + 5.

I always tell her that when it's 9 and other number, then one (dot) of the other number "jumps" to go with the nine and makes ten. That way she has learned to add 9 + 6 or any other such sum.

And if it's 6 + 7, I tell her to think of 6 + 6 which she knows by heart, and figure it out from there.

I hope she gets to remembering these by heart eventually, but at this point I'm just glad she is able to figure them out by using these 'helping' ideas. And of course using those also teaches her important principles of mathematics.

And lastly, this one was interesting: What's special about this number? - a list of numbers from 0 to 9999, and there's something special about almost all of them!


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