Some new reviews...

I have recently completed not one, but TWO new reviews for the site. They are

1) - online math lessons that consist of video and audio clips, practice problems, solutions to those, "Deep Thought" question, and a quiz.

The list of lessons is long - and thus the amount of material is huge. It covers all topics from prealgebra through algebra 2.

I found the lessons to be very good. Read the review, or visit the website and see their sample lesson.

2) - online math practice environment. This is an intelligent system which catches the student's mistakes and adapts the practice accordingly.

For each topic there are several levels of difficulty, and the student is motivated to compete against him/herself to attain higher levels.

MathScore covers a ton of math topics from grade 2 to algebra 1. MathSCore is NOT only for math facts or basic computation, but includes all sorts of geometry topics, word problems, fractions, proportions, algebra ... all kinds of basic problems that you'd need to practice.

Read my review, or visit and check out their free instant trial.


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