Equation wizard

Back last spring I promised I'd write something about this tool, so here goes.

Equation Wizard is a software, a tool, that solves first, second, third, and fourth degree equations, simplifies expressions, and calculates values of complex expressions.

I had my assistant use it when checking and making answers to my Algebra 1 worksheets.

Based on our experience, the tool works really well and was useful, for example with rational expressions, or checking answers to equations.

The two features I was missing were:
1) The ability to solve (even simple) systems of equations. There's quite a bit of work when solving a bunch of these by hand!
2) The ability to give exact roots (in our case to second-degree equations). It only gave them as decimals.

See screenshots and more here:
Equation Wizard
You can even get this software for free, with something called "TrialPay".

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