Master's degree in mathematics teaching and learning

First of all, I've updated my post about the percent problem — just scroll down to it.

Then, I thought maybe I have some math teachers in my readership that might be interested in a new Master's degree program offered by the university of Drexel, in collaboration with the Math Forum!

Knowing how much expertise the folks at Math Forum have this might be a unique opportunity for those math teachers who want to extend their education.

Online Master's in Mathematics Learning and Teaching - "Preparing teachers to incorporate creative, problem-based, student-centered instruction in their classroom."

The rest of you... can just continue reading my blog : )
I will post some more about the concept of percent soon.


H M Dasti said…
Would you recommend this to non-teachers. I had strong math until pre-calculus. But took Calculus/Linear Algebra and Statistics in University. What kind of background would be needed. I'm out of school since 1999 but work with computer technology. Recently started home schooling my daughter and found out about your blog and worksheets.
Maria Miller said…
No,this is strictly meant for teachers. They even require proof that the applicants be teaching math in a certain level (forget which).

For learning to teach math, you could read this book.

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