Classic math mistakes

I found this link just today, via Mr. Barton's essential math freebies page.

It is a collection of classic math mistakes, presented as posters with silly titles.

You can post them on your wall and let students figure them out, because the poster doesn't actually explain the mistake; it just shows an example of it and the funny title.

Check it out:

Classic Math Mistakes - Gallery of Posters


Anonymous said…
I think it's great you post the "mistakes" page because it really gets us thinking about how students learn and why they make the errors they do!! Keep it up

Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed the posters....great ideas for getting my math students to write about math. We have to do some of the Collins Writings, so these are some good ideas!
Anonymous said…
You can see all mistakes in

im translating tihs website into the turkish.

i will be publish turkish of the math mistakes in

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