Foerster's Algebra 1 plus a Home Study Companion

Here's another alternative for an algebra 1 course for homeschooled students: Algebra 1 by Paul Foerster (the textbook), and accompanying Home Study Companion video lessons made by David Chandler.

I've just written an in-depth review of both.


Anonymous said…
Hi! I'm Suresh from India. Master degree in Math. I'm writing About algebra on my Blog I read ur Blog.It's very nice.I need ur help. How can I get students to take online tuition? Wt kind of books u r following? Thanks.
Maria Miller said…
Hi Suresh,
Not sure how you can get students to take (buy?) online tuition. I'm not personally right now teaching algebra to anyone but I did really like looking through Foerster's book.
Anonymous said…
Thanks for your quality review. I find one comment interesting "the publisher, Prentice Hall, refuses to sell the solutions manual to homeschoolers" because I've been purchasing science teacher materials from them for years. I did have to supply them with a written statement that I was a homeschool parent and that I would never let any teacher materials into students' hands. Do you think there is a different policy for math?
Maria Miller said…
That's just what one homeschooler told me who had tried real hard to buy it. I have also contacted them personally; no response yet but maybe they're just slow.

I do hope the situation changes/turns out not to be that way.
Anonymous said…
Foerster's Algebra 1 solutions manual can be bought through By Way of the Family's website. They are a bit expensive. I used just the TM and the student book without a solution's manual however.

Jan P.
Anonymous said…
I would like to find a Foerster Algebra I Teacher's Manual. Can anyone tell me where might find one?


Jennifer Holden
St. Bernadette Homeschool
Maria Miller said…
I agree the solutions manual is hard to find. The ISBN is 9780201861006.

I found one called
Algebra 1 Paul A. Foerster Teacher's Resource Binder

Then, This site claims to sell them but I am not sure.

At Alibris, you can find it at an exorbitant price.
Maria Miller said…
Teacher's Manual available... I just got word that you CAN buy it, if you first sign up with the publisher's "Oasis" program and provide proof that you are homeschooling. Once that is done you will have an account and can order teacher as well as student resources.
Anonymous said…
thanks very much for your math curricula reviews. I was interested to know where you found Jacobs' opinion about Foerster: "But did you know what Jacobs himself recommends as a followup to his algebra program? Paul Foerster's Algebra II, Trig, and Calculus."

Do you happen to know whether the teacher's manual for the Foerster text has the solutions or would you have to buy the solutions manual separately? I've already registered at Oasis, thanks to your directions, but am not sure whether I need the manual or just the solutions. I really like algebra so I'm leaning toward just the solutions manual.


Maria Miller said…
I can't remember where I saw it mentioned, but it's referenced here for example.

The other question, I don't know.
Maria Miller said…
I just heard back from David Chandler who's written the Home Study Companion. He said, "The Teachers' Edition has answers to the problems and a few sparse teaching hints, but not worked out solutions. The solution guide is, I believe, available through Prentice Hall. I haven't seen it, but that would probably give more help in how to approach the problems. Of the two, the solution guide would probably be more helpful to homeschool parents."
Anonymous said…
I purchased the solutions manual from the publisher by calling the # on this website. They emailed me an affidavit for me to sign stating that I was a homeschool teacher which I faxed back to them.

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