Longer-wider problem to solve

I took another problem from the same collection as before, this time for 6th grade. It reads:

A rectangular kitchen table is three times as long as it is wide.
If it were 3 m shorter and 3 m wider it would be a square.
What are the dimensions of the rectangular table?

I'll let you try it first, but don't post the solution as a comment into this post. Let others try solve it too.

(You can get an extra point for answering this: Is this a realistic kitchen table?)


Bob said…

I have made your acquaintance, cybernetically, at the LivingMath forum on Yahoo.

This table belongs to giants. maybe you should have used feet rather than meters.

Your bio says that your in Venezuela. What city? I spent a few months in Los Teques and a few months in Guanare back in the seventies.

'Bye for now,

Bob in White Plains
Mark1004 said…
The problem sheet you posted is really good. It has several MathCounts-type problems.

However, it appears that some problems may be revisions of older problems with some errors resulting.

For example the Answers given to #7, 17 and 23 are incorrect.

For #17, a 1000-car parking lot for a drugstore seems unrealistic. For #39, I think a bus company that charges $2.10 for a little more than a mile ride is dubious.
Maria Miller said…
Even in this problem we have quite a non-realistic gigantic table! It'd be better with feet instead of meters.

Too bad the answers have errors over there.

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